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Bass Lake Resort
April Newsletter, 2023

Hello Bass Lakers,

Guess what?? Spring is officially here! Yay!! We are looking forward to a great 2023 season! Now is the crunch time when we go from pretty much closed to open and ready to go in only 4 short weeks. We will be turning the water on May 1st, weather permitting. If you are coming out earlier than that we will have places to fill your tank before setting up on your site. We have hoses set up outside cabin #107A, and also by the upper men’s bathroom door. Please call the greeting station at (315) 728-9437 to coordinate your arrival time and check in procedures as we still have limited staff in April.

Our new store inventory has arrived! Nikki has been working hard getting it all set up, it is looking great. Maintenance has been working hard all winter on renovating park models, they just finished giving #202 a new floor and a new look. Now, that it is starting to warm up they will be spending most of their time outside getting the Resort cleaned up and ready for camping.

We want to remind everyone of two of our policies, our firewood policy and not leaving RV’s unattended for more than 24 hours. We ask that you not bring in your own firewood, this is to limit our exposure to pest infestations at our Resorts. This is also a NY state regulation. We do have firewood bundles for purchase in the store. RV’s can’t be left unattended on a campsite for more than 24 hours. If you have reserved a campsite, you must be using it daily. It is not fair to other members that may not be able to come in. These are not new rules, they have been in our guidelines for many years and are the same for all our Resorts. For the enjoyment and fairness of all members, these guidelines will be enforced and could result in possible fines. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

We are so excited for you all to come back to camping again and to get our activities rolling! Our first themed weekend will be May 5th-7th. We are planning a spring clean up weekend. On Friday night we have a welcome back campfire planned. Then on Saturday we are going to help Kathy get the Resort back up to looking pretty, Kathy has done our landscaping for many years and does a wonderful job. I thought to say Thank you, this year we would give her a hand getting started and then we will all have lunch together. Saturday night we have a new band scheduled on the patio, come help us welcome the Ditch Daisies. The café and store will be open for the season starting on Thursday, May 4th. Please check Campers App for more information. I hope you all have a Happy Easter and we will see you very soon!

Your Resort Manager,
Heather Powis

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