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Bass Lake Resort
February Newsletter, 2023

BLR Snow February 2023


Hello Everyone!!

I can’t believe it is February already, the time is flying. I hope you are all having a wonderful winter. We have been busy getting ready for the season. Our activity highlights are done, and all the bands are booked for the season! We do have some new bands lined up for you this year, which we are excited about. They have been posted on campersAPP and our Facebook page. If you have not downloaded camper’s app on your phone yet, make sure you do that to get the most up to date information. All of weekend themes, daily activities, bands list, news, alerts and Resort information are on there. There are also some cool things to do in the area.

Dan and Larry have been working hard in the park models, getting them ready for spring. All of them now have fresh coats of paint. Right now, we are working on remodeling park model #203 starting with a new floor. We are hoping to give them all a new look. The store is clean and organized, just waiting for the new inventory to arrive. Our first weekend officially open with activities will be May 5th – 7th and we can’t wait! We are going to start with something new this year called Spring Clean Up weekend, stay tuned for more details on that. We hope you have a great February with your Valentine, and we will talk to you soon. Spring will be here before we know it! 

Your Resort Manager,

Heather Powis


BLR Fun Days 2023
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