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Bass Lake Resort, November 2021

What a summer this has been!! It went by super-fast with no time to waste. The weather for most of the summer was fantastic and lasted all the way through October. Camping season is May 15th to October 15th, but we really started May 1st, and have had reservations all the way into November. Everyone was taking advantage of being outside and returning to a more normal type of year following a lost COVID season in 2020. October is a record year, as the temperatures have stayed in the 70’s until October 16th. It is strange that the warm weather did not have the same effect on our fall leaf colour change, they seemed to not have had that fantastic colour change they usually do before they fell off the trees. Regardless, because of the warmer temperatures, we had lots of campers taking advantage of camping after the main season ended on Columbus Day.

Our first Halloween Saturday occurred on October 2nd, and our 2nd Halloween Saturday on October 9th. Thank you for all the amazing campsite decorations and participation. There is no way we can thank everyone individually. You all rock!!! The Haunted Corn Maze was a huge hit. Each year we try to do something a little different, and this year Nikki and her team did an awesome job building a new set. About 400 people went through the maze on the first weekend, and then on October 9th we counted 437 that went through. We want to apologize for some coordination failures between the drive-thru campsite tour and the haunted maze, and we want to thank everyone for their patience. We will aim to be more prepared next year.

October 18th, we started the completion of our new well hook up. Our old well couldn’t keep up with the water demands of our campers anymore. We dug and developed the well in the summer of 2020. It took until the spring of 2021 to complete the development of the well, but final construction on the well has been completed. This addition of the new well will help boost our water availability for the next camping season. In addition to hooking up the new well, we also trenched in and installed new electric lines and peds to the lower end of the wooded section. That gives us 30-amp electricity to all the campsites in that area now. We ordered a new transformer and peds in June, but due to the unfortunate constraints of our current national supply chains, the peds were just received on October 9th. We are currently installing the transformer and hope to have it ready for you this winter!

For our new members and campers, the resort will be operating at a limited capacity during the winter season. That means there will be no running water to the campsites, and the campsites will not be plowed once the snow begins to fall. The Upper Clubhouse, café, and bathrooms are closed for the winter season; In addition, the Lower Clubhouse is only open when the Operations office is open. Bass Lake keeps two Cedar lodges (cabins) open for the winter months. Our front gate is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm each day for the rest of the winter. There are only 5.5 staff members that work during the winter months: Heather Powis, Carl Dayger, Dan Hamilton, Marlo Thomas, James Fisher, and Nikki Mayers. Between these 5.5
team members, we plow roads, shovel walks and decks, housekeep and answer phones. If you decide to make a reservation, please remember to call us at the resort for after hour check-in instructions. There is usually not more than one person on duty at any given time. You’ll need to contact 855-332-9541 to make your reservations throughout the winter, or e-mail
[email protected] for resort information.

This will be my last letter for Bass Lake, as I will not be returning in the spring. I have loved being at Bass Lake and have enjoyed meeting all the friendly members. This resort is a special place and I hope everyone knows that. I am returning to my Texas home to be closer to my parents. I will still be working with TRA, and will be traveling to other resorts, helping where and how I might be needed. I would like to thank everyone for making my time at Bass Lake so special.
Should you need assistance from a Resort Manager in the future, please contact your new Resort Manager, Heather Powis. Heather has worked at Bass Lake for more than 18 years. She is familiar with all aspects of the resort operation, and most of you have been in contact with her for some reason or another already. Stay warm everyone and have a great holiday season.

Signing off as the Resort Manager,

Lizette Bradley

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