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February Newsletter, 2023

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Love Is In The Air!

Love is in the air at Travel Resorts of America! 

We love our members and we are so excited to gear up for another fun camping season. 

Check out each of our resort’s newsletters and see what is store for February!

Important Reminders Regarding
The Reservation, Cancellation & Firewood Policy

Dear Members,

Here are some important reminders regarding policies that may affect you during the upcoming season.

Reservation Policy:

All members must be in good standing to make reservations. If you have a past due account, please be sure to bring your account current in order to make reservations this season. If you have an outstanding balance on your reservation account from last season, the balance will need to be paid before making future reservations. 

Cancellation Policy: 

Starting at the beginning of 2023, we will be strictly enforcing our policy regarding cancellations. In order to cancel a reservation at Travel Resorts of America, members will be required to issue a cancellation notice 7 days in advance of the reservation. Members who fail to adhere to this guideline will be assessed a fine of $100, which has been raised from the previous fine of $50. 

For convenience, Members are welcome to reply to their confirmation email to cancel their reservations.

Firewood Policy: 

Members are prohibited from bringing their own firewood to our Travel Resorts of America locations. This is to help limit our exposure to pest infestations at our resorts. 

We appreciate your understanding and compliance to these new policies.

Thank you from the Travel Resorts of America Team

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