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We are so excited to bring you the April newsletter filled with stories, pictures, helpful tips, and so much more. Travel Resorts of America wants to put you first, making sure you’re up to date on all of the awesome things going on at our resorts. We look  forward to sharing some of our favorite parts of our resorts with our amazing members. This is also a chance for you, one of our incredible members to engage with TRA. We will announce contests, member spotlights, and plenty more. Look out for our newsletter every month in your inbox!

Gettysburg Battlefield Resort April 2021 Update

Hello Campers! 

I am so excited to tell you about the new washers and dryers in the Laundry room, the golf carts, and the pool.  

We have installed new washers and dryers in the laundry room, and they are no longer coin op, it is Credit or Debit only. The machines are high efficiency so you will use less soap for each wash. Hurray! The cost will be $2.50 to wash and to dry, and we increased the dryer time to 1 hour, you can add 10-minute increments for a quarter. 

Rental Golf Carts at Travel Resorts of America

Next up, the golf carts have arrived! Spring is surely here! Prices have changed a bit this year, they will be $54.99 a day but there are still the specials for longer reservations. We will continue to allow the advance reservation of 5 golf carts, with the remaining 9 available on a first come first serve basis. Check them out at the front desk! 

And lastly, the cleaning of the pool has begun to get it ready for Memorial Day! Man, there are a lot of leaves in there! The leaks have been repaired and the pool is performing beautifully. She is a very gracious fifty-five-year-old lady this year. The schedule will continue as it did last year with the pool open for 2 hours then closed for 30 minutes for sanitization. The hours will remain with pool opening at 10 AM and close at 7:30 PM. Remember to bring your chairs and we do have a couple of beach wagons for rent in the store if you would like something to haul your stuff back and forth. 

Speaking of the store, the first shipment of inventory has arrived, and the shelves are being refilled. New merchandise is arriving daily! Make sure to stop in and say hi and check it all out. You will also find that the exit and entrance doors have swapped. You will now enter by the front desk and exit at the snack-bar. 

See you all soon! 

April 2021 Activities

Spring is coming to the resort!!! Not that we haven’t appreciated all the joys the Winter season brings, but it is time for it move along. Spring means winter coats and boots can finally be put away, along with snow shovels and ice scrapers. It means pansies turning their faces to smile at the sky, daffodils tentatively poking out from the ground, uncurling their leaves to embrace the sun, and glints of gold as the koi swim lazily by the shore of the pond. On the resort, a sure sign of Spring has arrived – our golf carts have arrived and are lined up, eagerly waiting to give tours around the campground.  For those of us working here at the resort, Springs means a Homecoming of sorts, for our members will be returning to their home away from home, and we can’t wait to see you all again! We have some new faces in activities this year who are as excited as I am to share new themed weekends, new activities and new crafts for members of all ages! Liz Armiger and Kelli Kincaid both bring lots of experience in activities. Liz, a school bus driver, is our Circuit Jedi Master! Give her some vinyl and she can make magic! Kelli, a retired teacher and youth group leader is a whiz with both games and crafts. We have some great crafts for Easter, and a certain large rabbit will be making an appearance to visit families at their sites. We have an amazing “Junior Member Project Build” project planned for our Earth Day Weekend, something that will bring joy to the campground for years to come! Kids, bring your shovels and prepare to get dirty because we are going to start building our very first butterfly garden, specifically designed to both support pollinators and provide a beautiful space for all to enjoy! 


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