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Gettysburg Battlefield Resort
April Newsletter, 2023

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April was just beginning, and after the warm spring day, it turned cooler, slightly frosty, and a breath of Spring could be felt in the soft, cold night air ~ Anton Chekov

Ahhh, welcome April!! The sun is shining, her rays like welcoming arms through a gloriously blue sky. Puffy white clouds waltz by and flowers peep through the warm earth to gaze in astonishment. By the Pavilion a basketball bounces in rhythm with the sound of small children playing hop-scotch. Fat robins and cheeky squirrels chase each other around the re-enactment grounds. Once again, the scent of dinners cooking on a campfire accompany a chorus of peepers, and the sunset is streaked with brilliant oranges and reds, and soothing pinks and lavenders.

However, the best part of April will always be the return of many of our members we have not seen since last Fall. For those of us who work here at Gettysburg, our members very quickly become family, and their presence is greatly missed during the winter. April is a month of joyous “hellos, how are yous, and how lovely to see yous.” April is also the month of big reveals, when we get to unveil all the amazing upgrades we have worked on so hard throughout the off-season. Our Grounds team has planted beautiful flowers throughout the resort, and has maintained some areas to support local pollinators and wildlife. In the store, displays are brimming with new and exciting merchandise. The Easter Bunny has been spotted collecting chocolates and other goodies to be hidden in preparation for a multitude of egg hunts for both the young, and the young-at-heart. Maintenance has done a fabulous job with our new Sunroom, making it a lighter, brighter and more user-friendly space. Children even have their own campsite!

In addition to Easter, April is bringing us our Earth Day Weekend, when the focus is on ways to reuse and recycle. We are also adding a new R word – replenish. We have lost a fair amount of trees over the past few years and are inviting you to replenish our trees in a very special way, Look for an announcement about a special way to honor a family member (2 or 4-legged) and help GBR go green for Earth Day. The GBR Amazing Race, at the end of April, is going to be so much fun, and for families not participating in the Race, there will be a special event just for the kids!

While April is chock full of fun, wait until you see what May has to bring! Kentucky Derby Weekend is sure to bring on big hats and big fun, and mothers of all ages will love the sweet surprises we have for them on Mother’s Day Weekend. We will find new ways to be healthier on our Focus on Fitness Weekend and Memorial Day Weekend is chock full of fun games, competitions and fabulous entertainment!

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