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Gettysburg Battlefield Resort, April 2022

“Our spring has come at last with the soft laughter of April suns and the shadow of April showers.”

— Byron Caldwell Smith

And suddenly … it’s April!

Down by the pond, the fountain splashes merrily, no longer inhibited by a stern ring of ice. Like a treasure hunter, a child shouts with glee on spotting the golden flash off a large carp as it cruises through the cattails. In the evening, the well-loved anthem of Spring is sung with great enthusiasm by a chorus of peepers. Fat, well-rested robins have joined the winter-resident flocks of cardinals and blue jays at the feeder, boasting of having spent their winter in much warmer climes. In response, the blue jays and cardinals brag about how impervious they are to the chill of winter; conveniently forgetting to mention the sunflower seeds that mysteriously appear each morning.  Having dozed through the winter, the resort itself is waking up to the staccato of hammers and buzzing of saws, and the smooth rhythm of paint brushes on freshly scrubbed walls. In Activities, April is our favorite month of the year. Having spent all winter planning the Whats, Hows, and Whos, it is finally opening night … er … month.

 The joy of greeting returning members, the excitement of starting a fresh new year and that peculiar combination of anticipation mixed with a teensy bit of anxiety, as we hope you like what Activities we have in store for you. This year is going to be EPIC, with more entertainment than ever, and some new activities that we have never done before! We are also creating a new space for folks to relax in the Pavilion, and the Arcade is getting a much-needed makeover, with a cool new look, and some great retro games. We are also introducing a campground concierge service. Come see us in the sunroom from 12-4pm, Thursdays through Saturdays. If you need recommendations for dinner, or something to do with the kids, or want to sign-up for a ghost tour, or would like us to help celebrate a special occasion, please let us know! If you need help with CampersApp, we are here to help! We are so excited about our 2022 Weekend Themes! You can see them on FB and in CampersApp! There are definitely some weekends when members might want to plan to bring special items or costumes to participate, so we are giving you a sneak peek!

(1) June 4th – It’s GBR Prom! This year our theme is “We Go Together!” Think famous couples like Bonnie and Clyde, Johnny and June or dress as things that go together, like peanut butter and jelly. For inspiration, curl up with some hot cocoa and popcorn and watch the movie “Never Been Kissed.”

(2) June 10th – June 12th – It’s our Luau Weekend!  Pack your Hawaiian shirts and coconut skirts! We will be having a real Hawaiian show with authentic dancers and music!

(3) June 25th – Crazy 80s Dance! Dig out your legwarmers, bomber jackets and fingerless gloves! We are having a DJ and light show, as well as a photo booth with props! Members will be able to get unlimited prints of their pictures at the dance!

(4) August 19th – August 21st – Country Fair Weekend – Bring your crafts and baked goods to enter into the GBR Fair. You could win a blue ribbon! Then, we have a big concert with Chris Woodward and Shindiggin’!



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