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Gettysburg Battlefield Resort, December 2021

Winter is upon us here at Gettysburg Battlefield Resorts in South Central Pennsylvania! Temperatures are dropping and the air is getting chillier each night, but the beauty of Gettysburg is still breath-taking! The fall foliage is passing, the leaves are dropping to the ground and the sun is making its appearance at a lower angle as the days get shorter. The lodge is Cozy with the tranquil crackling of the fireplace. During the month of November we were fortunate to host many members for some fantastic fall getaways. The park was full of life as many folks spent their time enjoying family, friends, and, of course, the yummy food of the holiday season.

It is such a great pleasure to be welcomed to this amazing resort by the loyal members and the dedicated GBR team. Allow me to introduce myself officially. My name is Jaron and I am honoured to be your new resort manager at Gettysburg Battlefield Resorts! It has been a wonderful experience thus far getting to know so many of the great members here and finding my place amongst this incredible team. I look forward to the upcoming season and all the exciting new adventures in which we will embark together.

Along with my coming aboard, I would like to take a moment to thank my mentor and colleague, Mr. Richard Kellermann. Richard has given countless years of dedication to this incredible resort and many of our members would agree he truly went above and beyond in every possible opportunity. He has accepted a new position with the Travel Resorts of America team following his passion for resort development and projects. On behalf of myself and the entire GBR Team, we would like to wish Richard all the best!

As we all bundle up and prepare for the winter season, I would like to wish all our members a wonderful kick start to their holiday season. Take a moment to truly enjoy the joy of family and friends as you make new memories together and reflect on the best of the past. Happy Holidays!
Your resort manager, 


What an amazing year we have had here at GBR! We planted a pollinator garden (our very first Junior Member Project Build!), had our Country Fair, traveled “back in time” at the Prom, went medieval at the GBR Renn Faire, grooved to the 70s, held our first World War 2 Weekend and visited Iceland, Germany and Africa. We have painted, tie-dyed, made fairy lights and fairy houses, and even learned to macrame! Poor Richard got murdered by one of the staff; blindfolded members were spotted driving golf carts through an obstacle course, and dogs doggy-paddled in the pool. Don’t even get us started on all the Halloween shenanigans! As much fun as we have had, our members have also had a major positive impact in our local community through our GBR Gives Back Program!  Through the County Fair activities (cakewalk, funnel cake sales, and the dunk tank) and the Renn Faire, you filled the shelves at the Adams County Food bank … twice. You raised over $400 at the First Annual GBR Bike Week Ride for the PA Wounded Warriors Program. The blankets, pet food and toys you donated to the Adams County Animal Shelter completely filled not one, but two SUVs. You supported women with breast cancer in Adams County with our Quilt Silent Auction and raised several thousand dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by braving Haunted Hollywood. As the camping season wound down, we just wanted to do one more thing – to give back to you. We are so grateful to you all – for your amazing generosity, as well as your wonderful support of the Activities program. What better way than to serve our GBR family a nice dinner! We asked members to bring a toy for our Toys for Tots program, hoping we may get it half-way filled. By the time Harvestfest was over, the box was as overflowing as our hearts. Once again, our members are the best!!! We have one more weekend of activities the first weekend in December! On December 4th, come help decorate the Lodge for Christmas, get your picture with Santa, make some Christmas crafts, enjoy our Christmas craft show and enjoy hot chocolate and cookies on us!

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