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Gettysburg Battlefield Resort, February 2022

Snow and ice have taken over the resort here at Gettysburg, as we anxiously await the call of the most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania! Hopefully on February 2nd, Punxsutawney Phil will not see his shadow and the beautiful spring weather will soon be upon us! While the resort seems quiet during the chilly winter season, it truly is full of life and excitement. Our new management team has been working around the clock alongside the incredible team here at GBR! Winter cleaning has been the topic of the off season, as we work on making repairs, painting, and preparing for the upcoming 2022 season!

We are super excited to have all our wonderful members back on-site, making memories with their friends and families. Before you know it, the smell of BBQs and campfires will fill the air, and the chill of frost will be replaced with the sunshine and flowers blooming in the spring. Until that time, we wish you a wonderful, warm, and safe remainder to the winter season.

Until then,
Your Manager

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