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Gettysburg Battlefield Resort
January Newsletter, 2024

In the 2000 movie The Replacements, Gene Hackman’s character Jimmy McGinty tells Shane Falco “He is like a duck on a pond. On the surface, everything looks calm, but beneath the water, those little feet are churning a mile a minute.” He might have been describing what winter is like at GBR, There are some folks on site, members who are part of our Winter Warrior and Winter Storage program, but many sites are empty. There are no scheduled activities, the playground is empty, and there is no waiting line at the front desk. On the surface, everything seems very quiet; however, if you were to look beneath the surface, it is quite busy indeed! Every team at the resort from Activities to Maintenance is prepping for Spring, the start of our busy season, and we can’t wait to show you all the wonderful projects we are doing to make your stay here the best time ever!


Let’s start with the most exciting news – we are so happy to announce the Roscoe sites are now available to all members! In addition, we have also put in 4 spacious, shaded sites for our members who prefer tent camping. Not only is this area specifically designed to make tent camping a great experience, it also frees 4 sites for members with RVs. Secondly, over the past few years, many members have enquired about the possibility of seasonal sites. In response to these requests we are so happy to announce the unveiling of our new extended stay program! We have selected 12 sites that will be open to members only who wish to spend the camping season on-site. To get more information about the Extended Stay Program, complete this form! CLICK HERE! Next, we have created a new office in the RV Center for our Upgrade Specialist, which has freed up the Eisenhower Building for an indoor space for Activities, including a kitchen! We are so excited to be able to offer new and exciting activities, like cooking classes!  In addition, we are bringing back our Campground Concierge program, with regular office hours in the Eisenhower! Lastly, we can’t wait for our members to see the 2024 Weekend Themes! Old favorites are returning, like Christmas in July (retitled A Very Beachy Christmas) and we have added some new weekends, like a Pop Star Weekend (any Swifties out there) and GBR Goes Jurassic. We may even be heading out to Hogwarts this year! It’s going to be so much fun!

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