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Gettysburg Battlefield Resort June 2021 Update

Hello, Campers,

Seems we are getting some normalcy as we just had our first Manager Mingle of the season and what a great one it was and looking forward to more to come.  The weather has been sunny for the past week and I am hoping for more sunny days ahead; especially with us gearing up on getting the pool ready for the season.  Pool, furniture will be at 100%, we will not be closing the pool every two hours, pool hours will be Sunday through Thursday, 10 am -8 pm and Friday/Saturday 10 am -10 pm.  Subject to change.  Yes, belongings will need to be removed.  We will be adding some of the pool furniture out for use; however, we strongly encourage you to bring your own chairs!

Ice Cream Parlor is open with its full complement of offerings and this year we will be adding ‘iced coffee’ to the menu this season; we also slightly rearranged the ice cream to give more room by the entry door.  Many new merchandises in the General Store too, need to come to check it out. 

The arcade room is back open and some newer games, I especially like the NASCAR game and it is one of those whereas you can challenge one another side by side.  Vroooooommmmmm!!!  Left turn!!!!! 

Now for a couple of reminders,  NO outside firewood permitted unless it has the USDA seal of approval.  We have lost more trees, and some were directly related to ‘outside’ pests invading.  As usual, no campers shall be left unattended and if you have a golf cart, they must be registered, and one will be assigned a trail sticker.  We certainly appreciate your help with compliance. 

Again, we are excited to the season beginning and looking forward and certainly welcome those that swing by to simply say, ‘hi’. 

Until next time, Happy Camping!

Richard and Lisa 

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kids at Gettysburg Battlefield Resort
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June 2021 Activities

They have a saying here in Gettysburg – “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes. It will change.” You can say the same thing about the campground. We went through the quiet slumber of winter to half a minute of early campers and then by golly, we are at peak season! In Activities, we live for the hopping, popping rhythm of a full and active campground! It means more kids to play flashlight tag and capture the flag; delighting in the happy face of a kid who just won BIG at candy bingo and that frisson of satisfaction when an adult member absolutely nails a craft she swore she would never be able to do. It means creating happy memories like making bamboo fishing poles to fish with Dad or bringing Mom a hand-painted bouquet of egg carton flowers. And it means every weekend has a theme! A heads-up to members coming the first weekend of June! We will be holding our 2nd Annual Prom! Our theme is Back to the Future, and while prom wear is not required to attend, wearing a prom outfit that you would have worn to Prom the year you graduated high school might just get you elected Prom King or Queen! Or dress up like Doc and Clara or Marty and Jennifer! The second weekend in June is the GBR Country Fair! Bring your baked goods, arts and crafts, and fabric arts to be viewed in the Pavilion, and then judged! You could even win a blue ribbon! Look for carnival games in the big field, and a special opportunity to raise funds for the Adams County Animal Shelter in the GBR Dunk Tank! Father’s Day Weekend is all about dads – with our annual fishing tournament! Finally, we end June with a rousing Race Car Weekend. Get your pit crew ready for a rowdy, crowd-pleasing weekend of racing fun!



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