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Gettysburg Battlefield Resort
June Newsletter, 2023

GBR Tree Planting 2023 Season

“And since all this loveliness cannot be Heaven, I know in my heart it is June.” – Abba Woolson


In the Winter and late Spring, GBR employees are busy preparing for our guests to return. For example, during this time Activities sows the seeds for all the plans around our themed weekends. Starting in February or so, I began noticing our grounds crew literally sowing their own seeds in our modified green house, and as Spring arrived, prepping flower beds, raking out leaves and planting the little seedlings they had so carefully tended to in March. In April, the ground crew’s Gator could be seen and sometimes heard, as it delivered mulch to every corner of the resort. 

To those of us who are not gardeners, it was difficult to envision the outcome of all this hard work… until now. Wow, just wow!! The resort has never looked better! There are beautiful flowers blooming everywhere, in every color you could imagine. Huge hanging baskets adorn the cabins, the store, the Pavilion and the gazebo! Even the dog park sports beautiful flowers hung from the pergolas! 

Ideas for improvement to the resort itself that were planted last year have come to life. New signage at the front entrance makes it safer for folks entering and exiting the park. The sunroom upgrade has become such a member-friendly space for members of all ages. Adults enjoy the fresh clean look to the space as well as functional and comfortable seating; while the kids love playing in their own little campsite. Now there is a new window in the sunroom where you can order ice cream! The sunroom window will always be open when the store is open, but on Friday and Saturday nights when the store closes at 7 pm, the window will stay open until 9pm! 

In Activities you will see more organized outdoor games for kids and families and cornhole tournaments every weekend, as well as crafts for all ages. Coffee socials are held from 9-10 am every Saturday morning at the Pavilion, food trucks are here most weekends, and there will also be some new and exciting bands and performers on Saturday nights! Don’t forget our Craft Sale the fourth Saturday of every month with free tables for all vendors. 

Our GBR Gives Back Program continues throughout the season with over $400 donated to the Adams County Women’s Cancer Coalition in May. In June, we will be taking donations of canned and boxed food for the Adams County Foodbank and in July, we will be holding our 3rd annual GBR Bike Run during Bike Week to benefit the PA Wounded Warriors Program.

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