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Ham Lake Resort
August Newsletter, 2022

Hey Campers!

What a great July we had!

Activities were definitely as HOT as the weather. We had such a great time playing Park in the Dark, dressing up as pirates, and welcoming Santa for our Christmas in July party. We went Caroling and played so much that the beach even buried me in the sand. My favorite moment is when we all got together and lit up the sky for the fourth of July. I look back and just can’t believe that we said good bye to July and we are welcoming August!

If you think that July’s activities were hot August’s activities are explosive. Here are some highlights!

August 5th-6th is Nature Weekend. Filled with lots of nature walks and fun crafts made with nature’s gifts. Be sure to bring comfy shoes and a raincoat in case it rains.

August 12th-13th is Pajama Party weekend. Bring your favorite pair of PJs as we will be voting on the best pair at Park in the Dark. We also will be having a progressive dinner party. Sign up with what your favorite food dish you are going to share at [email protected] or in the office.

August 20th is Farm weekend. We are bringing some local farmers in to talk about farming and to sell their produce. We will have a corn feed and fresh local corn will be available to purchase. Bring your favorite corn recipe to share with all of your camper friends.

August 27th is Chocolate Lovers weekend. We will have a chocolate fountain and a chocolate dish cookoff! I am so excited to share my favorite chocolate dish. 

We are also celebrating back to school and are having a School Supply Drive to be donated to local schools. Email [email protected] for a complete list of supplies requested.

Labor Day is the next weekend and we are planning many great things to end summer on a high note. We will have a “street dance” on Saturday. Be sure to check out Ham Lake Resort’s Facebook page for up-to-date info and what more is to come. Or you can log into your campers app for a full calendar.

I look forward to playing and soaking up the sun with all of you in August!

Peace, Love & Adventures,
Miss Adventure

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