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Ham Lake Resort
August Newsletter, 2023

July is over – as most of you know July has been a very hot and dry month at Ham Lake, but despite the heat, we managed to have a very successful Member Build! Be sure to check it out next time you go to Ham Lake. For those that didn’t hear about our Member Build, we enclosed the north end of the pavilion. We had 45 attendees, which included children, adults & staff.

A potluck in the evening with 65 guest and Rowdy being the guest of honor to help celebrate his birthday. Thank you to all the children who did a wonderful job spatter painting the lending library picture frames, and drawer fronts. Also, thanks to all the adults who helped put up the walls and painted. Without all the great help, it would have been a long process for the staff to get all of it done in one morning! Volunteers also helped with the curtains for all the other openings, so that we can view movies and be out of the elements in the fall.

Miss Adventure and some helpers painted “Pedro” the peacock (which is Peabody’s friend) on one of the inside walls as a “selfie wall”. As many of you know Ham Lake Resort has a peacock named Peabody and 2 peahens, which are new to Ham Lake this year. Be sure to check CampersApp for the activities happening in the month of August. Along with the State Fair at the end of the month, August is sure to fly by. Before you know it, all the kiddos will be back in school, and the resort will sure miss all the happy sounds that come from kids playing and having fun!

Patti Belsheim, Resort Manager

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