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Hidden Bluffs Resort
July Newsletter, 2024

HBR Water Jungle Gym

Welcome to Hidden Bluffs to recharge, see our natural attractions, and have some experiences in nature.

New Improvement Update: We have recently created a new walking trail loop that is mowed through the tall grass field located above the resort. This spot is ideal for photography enthusiasts and hikers alike, providing excellent opportunities to capture the vibrant colors of the sunset in the evening and to photograph the Milky Way at night. The trail spans about a mile long and is dog-friendly.

Fun: we have started weekend tractor-wagon rides. This is a big hit with all ages. Along the route, we often see deer, butterflies, dragonflies and red wing blackbirds. The field next to ours is full of golden yellow wildflowers that look like daisies.  

The lightning bugs or fireflies, whichever you prefer to call them, are also here in the park and in the surrounding farmlands. It is an amazing experience to see. 

Hope to see you all soon here at Hidden Bluffs!

HBR July Fun

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