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Team Members Of The Month

This month, at Rocky Fork Ranch, we held our first ever Celebration of Service Awards for those Team members that have been with us more than 5 years. Awards are given at the following intervals, 5, 10 & 20 Years. If you see these folks, congratulate and thank them for the wonderful years of service. We are truly lucky to have them!

Picture of Dan Jurgens - 29 Years

Dan Jurgens - 29 Years

Dan Juergen's is a master builder, and his handy work can be seen all over the ranch. He’s always encouraging others and loves sharing his love for his Saviour to all who need some encouragement.

Picture of Tim Gilcher - 26 Years

Tim Gilcher - 26 Years

Tim Gilcher is our is our mechanic and he also gets our pontoons in the lake each year. Tim has just recently put our newly remodeled pontoon on Salt Fork. Tim keeps meticulous records on all our equipment and has great relationships with our local businesses.

Picture of Donna Miller - 24 Years

Donna Miller - 24 Years

Donna Miller keeps all linens fresh and clean. Donna is a hard worker who always wears a smile on her face. Based on the number of cabins she simply gets more done than seems possible during the high season. She runs a tight ship and keeps us all on our toes.

Picture of Kevin Landaker - 19 Years

Kevin Landaker - 19 Years

Kevin Landaker works with Dan and he too is a master builder. These two men make the construction department a success. Kevin also drives our heavy equipment and takes care of our roads. Kevin loves Halloween and is always trying to increase his scream tally every year at our haunted house attraction.

Picture of Dee Temple - 15 Years

Dee Temple - 15 Years

Dee Temple is our housekeeping supervisor, and she runs an amazing team. Dee works hard to ensure our standards are exemplified in our buildings, bath houses and rental units. She quite witty and is always making us laugh.

Picture of George Griffith - 14 Years

George Griffith - 14 Years

George Griffith is our maintenance supervisor and has many responsibilities every day. Basically, if it’s broke it’s his responsibility to get the right man to fix it. George brings his relations with local vendors as well as years of experience to the ranch. His communication skills are on point and brings a smile with him each day.

Picture of Molly Blair - 9 Years

Molly Blair - 9 Years

Molly Blair is the assistant manager, and she comes with experience at our front desk, general store and an appetite to learn the nuts and bolts of this operation. She is assertive and kind all while being my right arm on a daily basis.

Picture of Joe Miller - 7 Years

Joe Miller - 7 Years

Joe Miller is our grounds supervisor and has a challenging task in all seasons. Joe keeps his team busy keeping grass cut, taking out trees as needed, grinding stumps each spring, keeping fire rings clean… you get the picture. He’s a quiet man but when he speaks up it’s something you’ll want to listen to.

Picture of Sharrie Yarber - 5 Years

Sharrie Yarber - 5 Years

Sharrie Yarber is our Resort Operations Manager. Making sure everything is working perfectly here, at Rocky Fork Ranch.

Contest Winner


Father’s Day Contest Winner – Jonathan Tholen

Fathers Day Contest July Newsletter

Our Father’s Day Contest winner is Jonathan Tholen!

Jonathan is member from our Ham Lake Resort location.

When asked why he’s the best dad, His family told us this!

Our dad is the best for so many reasons. He is the father to 3 young kids, ages 5, 2.5, and 9 month old baby. He is also a co-guardian of his Wifeʼs sister, who is a 25 year old beautifully spirited woman with Downʼs syndrome. He takes us camping every weekend we available and gets us on the lake in paddle boats and canoes. Heʼs always looking for fun things the kids can do away from the screens and out in nature. Heʼs the most loving and caring dad
you could ever ask for!!!

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