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Luna Sands Resort April 2021 Update

Hello Everyone: 

We’ve been super busy at LSR and have completed our Member Build TIKI Bar and Deck at the Clubhouse.  The entrance has a nice fresh welcoming look and we can’t wait for you to see it.  In addition to the deck, we’ve been working on interior repairs and other exterior repairs to other buildings.  The busiest month of the year, which includes bike week, has come and gone and we are seeing all the snowbirds fly home to the north.  The weather has been absolutely fantastic, with great fire pit evenings.  

Looking into April, we have some projects lined up that include campsite renovation.  Since the resort slows down a bit, it allows us to catch up some.  We’ve got some electrical pedestals ordered and will replace those that have are too old to repair.  In addition, we have 5 campsites picked out, that we can’t use because of how they are designed, and will begin moving things around and making them user friendly.  

March, we hosted some really fun events: Go Cart Racing at Bushnell Sports race track was the most exciting event with approximately 14 people racing.  We’re all pretty competitive and had a great time.  Game day with DJ Stan Arel was also a lot of fun.  He played music and name that tune.  Great prizes for winners were awarded and everyone on the deck enjoyed themselves.  Bike Week included lots of breakfast days, and there were some awesome bikes rolling in and out of the resort.  Everyone is sure proud of their toys!  We also hosted a St Patrick’s Day dinner and more music on the deck on March 13th, and then again on St Patrick’s Day a big ole fashioned party with games, drinks, and food.   

As we roll into April, we also lose many participants to our scheduled activities.  As a result, organized activities are usually suspended from April through November.  This year, we will host an adult EASTER EGG hunt and children EASTER EGG HUNT on Easter weekend.  To see more details, please download Campers APP and choose Luna Sands.  Then, check out the activities. 

Please remember that during the late spring and summer months activities are always posted on CampersAPP.  It’s important that you download the app and get familiar with it so you can view it at anytime.  The App will alert you 15 minutes prior to any organized activity when you are logged in.  To not get the alerts, simply “exit the park”. 

Have a great Spring, stay safe, travel well.  Happy Camping. 

From Lizette and Luna Sands Team 


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