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We are so excited to bring you the May newsletter filled with stories, pictures, helpful tips, and so much more. Travel Resorts of America wants to put you first, making sure you’re up to date on all of the awesome things going on at our resorts. We look  forward to sharing some of our favorite parts of our resorts with our amazing members. This is also a chance for you, one of our incredible members to engage with TRA. We will announce contests, member spotlights, and plenty more. Look out for our newsletter every month in your inbox!

Luna Sands Resort May 2021 Update

We hope that everyone out there is enjoying a wonderful spring.  In Florida, we’re already seeing temperatures in the 80’s, and we’ve had some really great fire-side evenings.  Most of the “snowbirds” left in early April, and members on the resort now, tend to locals that live close by.   Everyone is happy to get back to their normal camping of 1 or 2 weeks at a time each month.  It’s hard to do that in Jan, Feb, and Mar when it’s so busy.

As we look forward to May, things are starting to slow down at the resort.  Our weekly scheduled activities include morning coffee and ice cream socials.  If you’re interested in more activity information, please be sure to download campersAPP.  That’s where you will find activities posted in “real-time”.  We will add some holiday food events and crafts through the summer.  To stop getting the alerts or activity information on camperAPP, simply “exit the park”.   The rainy season is about to begin.  Remember that afternoon rains last between 1 and 2 hours, so activities are scheduled to occur before 3 pm though out the summer.

In April we replaced a floor in one of our offices that had totally collapsed, and we also polished our Clubhouse floor.  We had a wind storm blow through on April 10th, and we lost a couple of big trees.  Your maint team also fixed a couple of campsites (77 and 102), and we have electric peds ordered and will be working on updating existing campsites.  Our hope is to renovate at least 6 campsites this summer.   We have a plan to begin purchasing and stockpiling supplies and materials for projects that we’ll work on in the fall.  In addition, we got the “go ahead” to start construction in the new campsite area.  The 1st phase will include putting in the main sewer line.  2nd phase will be engineering and site design, the 3rd phase will be construction.   Phase 1 should start and be completed between June and July.  We hope to keep moving forward as quickly as we can on the development of the additional 25 to 30 sites in the wooded section of the resort.


We’re excited about this summer camping season.  Come out and enjoy some peace and quiet at the resort.  The store hours have been changed to summer hours, but the pool and Clubhouse are open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.


Lizette Bradley 


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