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Luna Sands Resort, January 2022

Hello Fellow Luna “Sandies”. It’s that time of year again, when the southern weather is so nice that everyone wants to be here. During the month of November, we experienced wonderful warm days and wonderful cool fireside perfect nights. We had a couple of rainy days, but overall, it’s been dry. The pond has been extremely high for the past 2 years now because of the tremendous amount of spring and summer rains we’ve had, but as we rolled into the dryer season, it’s finally receding. Our RV storage area has grown out around the flooded area, and now is returning to normal again. To end the year on ahigh note, we didn’t have to clean up or have damage from any hurricanes that have plagued us the past several years.

During the month of November, we set up our plan to refurbish 2 or 3 campsites so they would be ready for January camping. Clarence and Lewis are feverishly working on site 31, 33, and 37 during the month of December. We are completely moving utilities and pouring new concrete patios. These sites are already booked with members in Jan and Feb. Earlier this summer, Sites 26, and 27 were refurbished and can now accommodate larger rigs and they are easier to park in.

We’re looking forward to a fun January at LSR. Come see us.

Luna Sands started some new fun activities during December. We’re hosting a Friday night at the Movies on our Clubhouse Deck on all Friday evenings (except 1st Fridays). We started on December 10th with Christmas Vacation and followed on Dec 17th with Christmas Vacation 2. People brought their own chairs and sat around the fire while watching the movie and chomping on popcorn or sipping on soup. First Fridays we’re hosting 1st Friday night socials with BYOB, and we provide cheese socials. To celebrate National Bartenders Day, we hosted a Bartender Mingle. We provided all the mixers and then members took turns making their favorite cocktail for everyone to share. We had a great time. We also started a fun event on Thursdays at the dog park with a doggie social. Brunch bingo was a hit and we rolled out new virtual scavenger hunts. Christmas Holidays were filled with fun, and you can see any pictures on Facebook at any time.

In the month of January, you can look forward to Breakfasts on Saturdays, National Hang Over Day on Jan 1st, and the Polar Plunge weekend on January 6th to 8th. January 13 – 15th we’ll celebrate All things BEAN, and National pie weekend on January 20th. During the last weekend of January, exciting events all revolving around Chocolate Lovers. We hope to see you at Luna Sands soon. Travel safe and come play with us!!!!

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