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August 2021

Employee & Member Spotlight

Take a peak inside our Wonderland

Team Member

Wonda Welch 

Lead Housekeeper at Gettysburg Battlefield Resort

wonda spotlight - Travel Resorts of America

Wonda has been with the resort since September 2018. She began as a part-time housekeeper and quickly stepped into the lead role as the then lead phased out for health reasons. Wonda brings a larger-than-life personality to the job and a great sense of dedication to her work and her team. Under Wonda’s direction, Housekeeping has accomplished many needed changes and continues to work toward more of those changes.

Wonda and her husband, Bernard can be seen out on their motorcycle enjoying the surrounding countryside. You will often find Wonda going out of her way to help a member in need, watching out for the safety of the little ones, or providing a word of encouragement to team and members alike.  She brings refreshing honesty to all that she does and speaks. Wonda’s home is in Alaska, but we are glad she chose to come work with us and stay at her home away from home.


The Houser Family

Gettysburg Battlefield Resort

Deb and Tim Houser have been members for about 5 years, staying at Gettysburg Battlefield Resort. Although they have only stayed at Gettysburg they are looking forward to visiting all 9 when they retire! Some of their favorite memories include all their family gatherings and celebrations. They loved Fear Factor weekend when they were dared to eat everything from catfish to live worms! While enjoying all the adult activities, their grandson loves to make slime! At the beginning of their time with us, they stayed in our pop-up and then sold that and stayed in a tent all last season while searching for their perfect 2nd home.  Finally finding it this Spring and couldn’t be happier with their travel trailer. The best advice they would give future members is, “come ready to explore Gettysburg!  Everything from history, ghost tours, great restaurants, and shows!” Favorite meal, “Beer can chicken and sausage gravy and biscuits are our favorite go-to meals”

We are so glad to have the Houser’s a part of our TRA Family.

Contest Winner

July Campsite Photo Contest 

The Reeve’s Family

tra winner

The Reeves family includes mother and father, Melissa and Larry, and four kids, Kenzlee, Bentley, Adaline, and Lilah. They stay with us at Sycamore Lodge but have just decided to be full-time RV’ers!! When asked what their favorite memory was they said, “Too many…wow…love the activities!!! We all Loved loved loved the water wars, Christmas in July, and all the fun at the pool and just being together!” We are so happy to have them a part of our TRA Family! 

Contest Entries

Member Builds

What is a member build? A member build are projects planned and built by the help of our amazing members! They add a special touch to each of our resorts. 

Karaoke Stage at Rocky Fork Ranch Resort

Rocky Fork Ranch Resort Karaoke MB

Member Deck at Sycamore Lodge Resort

Rocky Fork Ranch Resort Karaoke MB

Party Deck at Luna Sands Resort

Rocky Fork Ranch Resort Karaoke

Floating Deck at Gettysburg Battlefield Resort

Rocky Fork Ranch Resort Karaoke MB