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JANUARY – 2021

Employee & Member Spotlight

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employee spotlight - Travel Resorts of America

Joni Jones

Since 2017 I have worked as Data Entry Manager for Travel Resorts. In addition to processing leads and entering reservations.
I act as gift coordinator for all resorts; ensuring an unforgettable experience for our guests.
Travel Resorts continues to support and challenge me. I am very grateful to be a part of the experience.
My favorite memories are filled with coworkers who know how to come together for a common goal. Together, we can do anything!
Be the best you can be. Go the extra mile and others will do the same for you.

member spotlight - Travel Resorts of America

Jason & Erika Ball

We bought TRA prestige package before covid. Figured we would pay for it while still working and use it when we retire once income is limited. But covid it. We had to work from home. Said let's go. We have camped 12 weeks this year using our TRA membership. Work from the RV. Best thing ever.
We have only been to 2 so far. But North Shore is 3hrs away. A couple we camp with bought a membership there. And we have had friends stay in a caboose. The lake is awesome time for fishing. The management is awesome.
We spent Thanksgiving in Luna Sands and hosted my parents for the weekend. Thanksgiving giving dinner at a campsite. Is there a better memory.
The one thing that makes Travel Resorts special? The ability to just go. Plan your route or like us we are not planners. 2 weeks notice is our thing. TRA has been able to accommodate every time with no issues.
Tips we could give to campers? Enjoy the experience. Camping is a luxury treat it like one.

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