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North Shore Landing July 2021 Update

Happy July friends!!

We have so much planned for this month and I can not wait for you all to see it. Starting up with the most exciting news….. WE FOUND AN ACTIVITY DIRECTOR! If you have not met Nicole you are for sure missing out. Ms. Nicole is our new activity director and she is KILLING IT. We also have another new face, Blake, who will be helping out Nicole with all of our awesome weekend events as well as starting to put together a Nature Center! This month we will also be getting our boat out onto the water for sunset tours and daily rentals so come on down for the best boating weather there is. This month we have finally finished renovation our pavilions so we are moving onto our Cabooses! First up on the paint list has been redoing our entrance fence and front desk porch and now that we are wrapping up with those we will be moving on painting the roof of the Caboose rentals with hopes of a new paint job for the entire thing. Finally, (drum roll please) our second pool will be opening this month! With the help of a new pool company, we will be getting our liner installed and adding some water so y’all can come to take a big splash not only in the lake and previously opened pool but our Whistle Stop pool as well! We can’t wait to see you, so hurry here as fast as you can!

Danielle Turner


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