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North Shore Landing Resort
July Newsletter, 2022

How is it already JULY??

This has been a rollercoaster season for us here at North Shore so far, but we are loving every twist and turn! 

For those who haven’t seen, heard, or gotten the chance to, our patoon boat is up and running. Her name is Zsa Zsa, and she is ready and rentals are available! We also have our golf cart rentals available as well. It makes us so happy being able to accommodate you even better. 

The work on the 16 new sites is moving along quite smoothly, we have all the trees down and stumps out. Next steps will include grading and then it’s really game time to start getting those sites in. If everything goes smoothly, we are hoping to have them done before next season. We have also started to work on rebuilding and replacing the decks, the stairs, and the railings, as well as staining them to preserve & keep them them in good condition. This project will continue through the next few months for all the wooden structures at North Shore. 

The small pool is finally back! It has been such a hit after being deeply missed these past few years. The big pool is starting to get jealous of the usage! We are hoping to get back to painting the remaining train cars and get them fresh and bright before it starts getting cold in a few months. The heat wave we had last month left us a bit drained and drenched, but we are still enjoying the sunshine that comes in double digits rather than triple! Lastly, we are putting in work to try and get our units to the best quality we can and, with that comes our A/C. As you know, we have had a hard time with our A/C units going down. We are happy to announce we have found our solution and within the next few months should have everything back to how it should be!

The Activities have bigger and better than they have ever been before! Last month, we had over 30+ people at our trivia events, 60+ for our tea party during Family Fun Weekend, and 80+ dads, grandpas, and other father figures showed up to our Fathers Day Breakfast! We raised the most money for our charity weekend than ever before, and Karaoke has been bigger than any previous months! Join the fun this month with any of the following weekends: First, we have 4th of July followed by Caribbean Pirates weekend, Water Wars weekend, Christmas in July weekend, and ending the month with a Pool Party weekend. You don’t want to miss these fun events with the NSL activities staff.

Come see us soon!

Danielle & the North Shore Landing Resort Team 

North Shore Landing Resort Construction Sites July min

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