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Northshore Landing Resort, April 2022

Welcome back & Happy April friends!!!

We are so excited to be back in peak season! Not only do we finally have good weather and fun weekend activities, but there’s also fires on the beach, cookouts, swimming, friends, laughter, cornhole, games, and every other little thing you LOVE about NSL in the sunny and 75 weather. Here at North Shore, we are all so excited to finally have activities back. This month we start off strong with our “Welcome Back Weekend”, moving into “Prince and Princess weekend”, “Easter Weekend”, and finally, finishing off the way we started (strong) we have what I think will be my personal favorite, “Vegas Weekend”. Our activities team has put together so many new and fun things for this summer, but we didn’t leave our last year’s favorites in the past. You can still enjoy weekly bingo, movies on the lawn, church, and tie dye!

After so much talk about our Nature Center, I am beyond excited to finally open it up for full business as we will have our critter hour once a week ALL SUMMER LONG where you can come hold, feed, and learn about your favorite reptiles.

As we work diligently, we hope to have the big pool open a little early this year to really soak up all the beautiful sun Georgia has been blessing us with, but don’t forget the small pool will FINALLY be open this year (just a few weeks after the big pool) for double the fun!

Sadly, some of our seasonal staff will be leaving us this month but we are bringing in even more! Keep your eyes peeled for some new faces, and don’t forget to wave.

We will continue to do some upkeep this month as we focus on painting more train cars, repainting the Clubhouse and the Clubhouse patio, repairing and staining the decking/railings/stairs, and planting LOTS of flowers!

It’s going to be the best year yet & we are so excited to see you all!

See ya soon,

Danielle & NSL team

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