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Pymatuning Adventure Resort,
June 2022

May was so exciting!

We had so much fun celebrating Mother’s Day with The Stables Winery. They had so many choices! If you missed it, stop by our General Store to get their location. Memorial Weekend was a hit! White Horse had a blast jamming out here at camp and will hopefully be coming back for more. 

Finally, spring has sprung, it is already almost to an end but the pop of color it has left around our grounds is awesome! We are excited to enjoying these warm days here at Pymatuning and enjoy all the camper movement!

We made some awesome upgrades to our Adult Lounge, continuing to upgrade our electricity; got another transformer! Our buildings look great, thanks to our painters who have been working so hard to get it done. Summer is right around the corner, and we are getting ready for the busiest days of the year. Our pool is finally open, all our staff is back, and we have so many exciting things planned for June. This month, we will begin a Wellness Warriors program. Everything from water, to weight, to wiggle workouts. Come get your fitness on!!

Don’t forget to book your reservation as soon as you can, they fill up fast!

Happy Camping!!

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