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Rocky Fork Ranch Resort, December 2021

Hey y’all here we are in December already! How did we get here so fast? It’s been an amazing year here at the ranch and we have made so many lasting memories… wait we’re not quite done just yet. Be sure to look at our December activities and make your plans to come join us. The first week in December we have some celebrities joining us. We have pulled some strings and Santa and our old fan favourite. The Grinch will make an appearance. Close your eyes and imagine children laughing smell the sweet cookies baking and you are right there with me. We hope you will make plans to join us and enjoy Christmas at the Ranch. We then begin to prepare for our New Year’s Bash… we missed being together last year so it will be a special time for us all. This is a big weekend so don’t waste any time making your reservation so you can be a part of this memorable weekend. Details and dates are on the Campers App download today it’s free and then you will always be in the know!

Simeon and his staff have kept everyone busy this summer. They have decided to debut our critters so if you have missed meeting them take a look and get to know these awesome additions to our Rocky Fork family.

Hope to see y’all soon

Sharrie Yarber

Resort Operations Manager

Meet the unique and expressive critters of Rocky Fork Nature Center!

Rocky Fork Ranch Resort Mini Zoo

Rex is a Bearded Dragon. He loves crickets, cockroaches, watermelon, and all kinds of veggies! He has the biggest personality out of all the critters, and he is a fan favorite!

Rocky Fork Ranch Resort Mini Zoo

Kaa is an eggciting new addition to our critter family. He is an egg-eating snake so all he eats is eggs! Due to this diet, he does not have teeth in the front of his mouth like any other snake, so it makes him safe to handle and be loved up on!

Rocky Fork Ranch Resort Mini Zoo

Harley and Honda the red ear sliders are also two new additions to the Nature Center this year! They love swimming around with their fishy friends!

Rocky Fork Ranch Resort Mini Zoo

Gertie is a long-time resident of the nature center. She is a Garter snake like the ones you can find here at camp! She likes to eat worms, frogs, toads, and minnows.

Rocky Fork Ranch Resort Mini Zoo

Curly gets the biggest reaction out of the visitors to the Nature Center! She is a Curly Haired Tarantula and loves to eat crickets. In her spare time, she likes to dig in her habitat to better set traps for her prey.

Rocky Fork Ranch Resort Mini Zoo

Blue is a unique critter we have. He is a Blue Tongue Skink. He is like a snake with legs and very sassy. He likes to eat worms, fruits, and veggies.

We also have all kinds of fish and fun activities to do in the Nature Center. Be sure and check out the CampersApp for open hours so you can visit all the critters while you are relaxing at the ranch.

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