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Rocky Fork Ranch Resort
January Newsletter, 2024

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Happy New Year from the entire Rocky Fork team! We are currently still awaiting our first official snowstorm of the year! We haven’t wasted any of the unusually warm winter weather and here are some highlights of what we’ve been doing.

We have sold all cabins in the double row and are very excited to let you know these will be full hook-up seasonal sites. We are gearing up once all the cabins are gone to get sites leveled, graveled and electric pedestals moved to their proper location for the new site holder. We have been getting many calls and some folks are coming out to pick their spot. If you are interested, click on the link below and fill out the form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Click Here

We also have been working on our Dawson shower house and it is looking awesome. Kevin and Dan have worked hard, and you’ll want to look for our video on Facebook when it is completed.

We have some new staff, and they are excited to meet you all and to make your stay amazing. Ashley is our new stables supervisor, and she has been taking great care of the herd this winter. They are loving the new winter pasture, and you’ll love they are still close by even in the winter. Megan is a new front desk associate and has done a great job learning all the ins and outs of the hub of the ranch. Allison is our new recreation director, and she begins next week! She’ll be busy, busy, busy planning all the fun activities for your come Spring.

We look forward to seeing you on your next visit!

Sharrie Yarber

Resort Operations Manager

RFR 2023 Hillbilly Weekend

A message from our amazing recreation director!

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