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St. Croix River Resort
July Newsletter, 2024

STC June 2023 Entrance Rowdy and the Sign Canoe
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Summer is in full swing here at St Croix River Resort!

We have had over 10” of rain in June, so some sites/areas have standing water.  There is no flooding here and we are thankful for that.  The maintenance staff have been doing their best to keep the water draining. 

Activities are in full swing for the season, check out Campers App for upcoming activities.  Most of our activities are held in our new activities center, which is in the pool building.  It is upstairs above the bathrooms/showers.  Millie has been doing an amazing job on Saturdays and enjoys having you participate!

On July 27th we have our annual Pampered Campers Vendor Fair.  This is always a fun weekend, so if you haven’t been here for it before, make your reservations today!  We will have many different vendors set up behind the clubhouse, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The maintenance team has been working on moving our show cabin onto a site so we can utilize it as a rental unit.  It will be placed on site #27 in the coming weeks.

Summer is flying by on us, we hope to see you at STC soon!

Sue Schaefer, Resort Manager

STC Ice Cream Truck

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