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Sycamore Lodge Resort July 2021 Updates

Hello Sycamore Campers!

Goodbye to June and HELLO July!!! This past month has been great here at Sycamore Lodge with projects going on left and right. A lot of new yellow wood is drying out to be painted for the season.   How great is that!  Construction of the ramp at the pavilion was completed also and has a nice coat of paint thanks to some rock star members.   Also did you notice the lake yet.  It’s a shade of blue like TRA to help keep it clean and help the fish. We are also excited to announce that a brand-new fountain is on the way.  I know this will look beautiful once it is installed and I think the goslings may like it a bit.  Just a reminder no campers shall be left unattended and if you have a golf cart, please make sure they are registered with the front desk.  Thanks so much! 

Did someone say activities?? 

Are we ready for JUULLLYYY  FUN!!!!   Here we go with 5 weeks of Sycamore FUN!!!  Bob has plans to keep everyone busy with different themed weekends. We start off with the 4th of July with a flag retirement ceremony, a parade, crafts, and more.  Then Santa will be rolling in here on vacation. Santa you may ask?????  Oh Yes, Santa will be here taking a break enjoying Sycamore Lodge and Carolina weather. Take a picture with him and remember he is always watching for naughty /nice kids for his list. Hint Hint……. The next weekend will be war, “WATER WARS” that is, and no one is safe. Make sure you keep your items filled up with water.  hen after all the wars we need to relax and have a good ole pig picking Beach Luau.  Finally, is the chocolate lovers’ weekend with a HUGE slip and slide, pie-eating, and more!!!!  July seems like a fun month to be at Sycamore Lodge. 

Rod and Bobbie 


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