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Sycamore Lodge Resort
August Newsletter, 2022

Hello Sycamore Campers!!!!

July was crazy hot eh???  The hot humid weather has made the Sycamore pool the best spot to go and sit and relax at. 

Oh, July was a blast with all the events and activities. We started with Independence Day honoring our freedom in the USA! Then we followed it up with our Vacation Bible School,  which was a blast, as we learned from Pastor Paul about the heroes of the bible. Santa popped in the Lodge and those elves tricked us thinking we were in the North Pole Livingroom. Tricky, Tricky magic going on there! Everyone who was in the parade was soaked with Water Wars. Then it got a bit creepy with Halloween in Zombie Hunt with Bob. It was Scary! And we completed the month with chocolate fun with our Chocolate Lovers weekend, with a chocolate slip and slide as our winner this year for event fun at the Lodge!!

Now on to August! And figuring out Who Dun it??? Who did what?  And where did it happen? If you are scratching your head well, you better book and get out here and solve the mystery. But in case you cannot let’s celebrate your camping family!! We are having a burger and hot dog cook out, just for you! Bring those yummy side dishes and lets all have fun with stories about camping. I know you have some funny ones. Next let’s raise some money for the local Volunteer FD in Derby and thank them for always helping when we need them. Lastly bring yall’s star glasses, we are setting the prom up like Hollywood. Let’s see our movie star members dressing up for Prom King and Queen voting.  

Notes from management: A friendly reminder that quiet hours for the campground are from 11pm – 8 am. We encourage all guest if your dog does do…… to pick it up and dispose of it properly. The campground has baggie stations around the park for bags. Also aggressive animals are frowned upon and will be ask to removed from property.  

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As the weather gets a little colder each night, we all snuggle one step closer to the campfire. The leaves have almost finished falling and everything looks beautiful. What a perfect season we have here in Georgia.

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