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Sycamore Lodge Resort
December Newsletter, 2022

Hello Sycamore Lodge Campers!!

Are you excited about December? We are! Especially with all the loud Christmas spirit our members have. 

Hold that thought ….. Recap on November 2022….. 

What a great night of THANKS to our Haunted Forest Volunteers. Another record-breaking year and it is all because of YOU!!!! If you would like to volunteer next year to help with acting, donating items for the auctions, drama clubs, or anything thing for another record year, make sure you reach out to us, and we will point you in the right direction. 

Not only was that a great weekend of clean up and great food (YUM!) we also thanked all our Veterans. The Veterans enjoyed a nice and beautiful day with sunshine, crafts, potluck, and a parade around the resort. Thank you for your Service. 

Food Coma alert! Did you over stuff yourself?  Do we need to do a RUOK Turkey check? Sycamore Thanksgiving was a packed house and pavilion. It got a little crazy at the plucking turkey get-together. The Lodge had 30 turkeys cooked to perfection with mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing. Not to mention all the thankful dishes members brought to feed everyone. Thank you to all of you for cooking. 

Then, we got into the Holiday Spirit by decking the Lodge out. Christmas has arrived, and members decorated the trees to their hearts’ content, with garland, lights, and smiles. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…. La la la la la la…. Oh December look at you…..

Let’s get our cookie on!!!!! come on out y’all lets decorate cookies and of course eat them…… While we eat them, we are making cards and sipping hot chocolate too. wink wink. Santas loves it! Do WHA did I just say Santa????? Y’all know that red suit jolly old man loves it at the lodge. He will be coming back too for Christmas at Sycamore Lodge Weekend. We will have pictures, crafts, a parade, & more SHHHHHH…. 

Now let’s get into the Christmas spirit more with a ugly sweater contest party. Bring y’all’s sweaters….. Awe you don’t have one??? *Gasp* Now that cannot happen. (shocked look) Bring it on in a sweater and let’s make it ugly. Yep….You read that right!!. We will have the supplies and everything for you and get you right in that contest to be voted. Our last flea market will happen too this weekend. 🙁 

AND last, but not least, our last schedule weekend. Come on out and let’s celebrate New Year’s together. Bring your beverages and snacks as we watch the ball drop on into the NEW YEARS 2023. 

RV tips: Winter weather is here and are you ready? Sycamore Lodge Resort is a year-round, but please remember water hose bibs may freeze in colder temperatures. Use caution also if you have a filter on your hose as they may freeze leading to it cracking/ bursting. We do refill propane when the store is open. 

Notes from management: We made it through another great camping year!! Whew! My feet hurt, and I know all the staff are ready to slow down and take a little breather. I am so glad you were able to come out and be here for all the fun. From the bottom of our hearts Thank You. 

– As the year ends, we remind you that golf cart stickers for next year will be available soon. Check with the store for when they arrive.

– Campers left unattended are not allowed on the resort and can result in a fine per day. If an emergency happens notify the store ASAP so a note can be added to the account. If it is after hours, please leave a message or contact member services.

– Did you know that you can cancel a reservation just by responding to the confirmation email? We ask for members to cancel as soon as they can so others can book sites. 

See y’all next year and stay warm!

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