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Sycamore Lodge Resort, December 2021

Hello Lodge Campers,

Goodbye to November and we are giving our thanks to all the members that were with us during the BIG thanksgiving feast.   It was a great month for all of our activities. Thank You!! Thank you!!   Thank you to all Veterans that stopped in and work for us at the Lodge.  We appreciate everything you have done for us.  The end of the month was great with the hot chocolate that was ready to go for the decorating weekend too.  Y’all the lodge with help of members and housekeeping staff looks fantastic.  Now on to December!!!!

Welcome to the winter mix of December.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree La la la la la la la……

The lodge is looking so pretty this month with all the Christmas trees, garland and lights hung up. Take an adventure and come into the lodge, look at all the Christmas décor and that warm fire place. This month is a end of our activities for Sycamore Lodge in the recreation area. They had a blast and are excited for a bit of a break. The beginning of the month we have a Christmas cookie event.   Bring your best and most delicious cookie+ recipe and enjoy a cookie exchange. The ole jolly man will be back because he flat out looovvees Sycamore Lodge. He will be asking for final request for gift from him. Do not forget the flea will be happening also that weekend. And last but not least the New Year’s Eve Party. Let’s celebrate 2021 together and story tell about the year with family. 

A note from management:

Sewer is still going on at the resort yay!  Please ask for an escort if you are not sure of the site location.  I know we have Rockingham down the road but please keep speed under 5 mph while in the park.  

Do not leave fires unattended at the site and also, we love our trees do not scavenge for fire wood. 

We love our Sycamore Lodge Members and hope you had a great 2021!!

Rod & Bobbie

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