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Sycamore Lodge Resort, January 2022

Hello Campers!!!!

February is here!!! 

The countdown has begun but did Punxsutawney Phil see the shadow? When will spring get here? We’re counting down the days until the trees and flowers bloom in the beautiful spring here in North Carolina!

Let’s go over this month: 

The hearts are flying here at Sycamore Lodge. Bob, the Recreation Director, has the cupid’s bow. He’s going to cook up an amazing pancake breakfast, with a wonderful adult’s only dinner for any of the love birds out here. Check out the pictures for a great day filled of games and more! Awe season may not be here just quite yet, but it sure is a start for the many planned activities and new things in store this year!

The resort is looking great! Lots of busy bees working behind the scenes to make sure the bushes and trees are trimmed, the shuffleboard gets more gravel, and everything looks nice here at Sycamore. Housekeeping is still in full gear with deep cleaning all cabins and areas of the Lodge, and our Store Ladies always working to help you with your next stay.

A little note from management:

Campers we are so excited to see all of you again. With the upcoming season, we want to remind everyone about no calls and no shows. We understand life and events happen, but as courtesy for other members, please call more than 24 to 48 hours ahead to cancel. This gives us a heads up and a little help in calling members on the waitlist. Thank you.

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