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Sycamore Lodge Resort
February Newsletter, 2023

Happy February Lodge Campers,

Hello and Hi to all these New Camping friends! The lodge has been super busy this winter with so many members visiting from our northern and western parks.  Welcome Y’all!!   It has been a blast getting to know you and showing you the Sycamore Lodge history and area.   So, don’t be shy tell us where you are from and let us show you that southern hospitality.

So what’s new with you Sycamore Lodge?   Well Lodge Campers, our staff have been busting their booties with maintenance, grounds, hosting and housekeeping.   So far over 50 dump truck loads of debris has been cleaned up since January first.   Y’all that’s a lot of cleaning….    The crepe myrtles, pines, dogwood, cherry trees, holly of every type, and all bushes have been getting trimmed and extra TLC for a great spring flower show.   This hardworking staff team didn’t stop there y’all.   A new water wheel for cabin 4 is being constructed with a new trough.  Whoa! It is going to look beautiful!!!!    The bathhouse is also getting new grout and a repaint.  Looking fresh and so clean clean.   So much more to come and we cannot wait for y’all to see. Keep your eyes peeled.

2023 just started making this season coming in hot and quick.  So, let’s chat about it.  Lot of ideas have been tossed around about this year’s Member build.   What will it be?  How about fixing of the dog park and using extra hands from members to get it done.  We need “YOU” members!!!   It’s doesn’t matter if you have a fluffy puppy or a dog the size of a horse.  We need your help in building and getting this up and running.  We are planning to split the dog park up and make it for small or large dog breeds.  How does that sound??   I hear lots of happy woofing, wagging tails and playing to be had.   Stay tune for dates…..

Do you have a golf cart?   Check with the staff in the General store to update paperwork and pay for the yearly sticker.   They are ready to get you ready for the season.  

Just a few reminders from Management:

Speed limit is 5 MPH, be slow like a turtle y’all.   But….. if the turtle passes you it’s time to get moving and not block the road.    Wink wink.  

Always keep your dogs on a leash.  This is for the safety of your dog and others.  Also, we provide dog clean up bags around the resort in green boxes.  Please pick up after your dog.  Also use trash dumpsters to depose of the bag and not using fire rings.   Be courteous to the next member they might be cooking on the fire ring. 

We are all excited to see y’all again, Sycamore friends, and cannot wait to see what this year brings.  

Rod and Bobbie

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