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Sycamore Lodge Resort
July Newsletter, 2022

Hello to all the Sycamore Lodge Campers,

June was a HOT one let me just say with heat index in the triple digits at such an early part of the season & year, whew… So thankful for great A/C can we say OH YEAH!

We started out with washing our animals at the Pavilion and Luau the hips into the summer night. Some kids scored big, with tons of fish at the tournament for Father’s Day. Then to finish off the month with a member led local motorcycle ride. Sycamore Lodge members are the BEST!

Drum Roll Please!! JULY is here!! I repeat, July is here!!

Activities are on high with the whole month. When I mean the whole month…we mean the whole month! Starting off with the 4th of July celebration. Remember! No fireworks are allowed in the park. Vacation Bible School will be following and bringing in some enlightenment. Did someone mention Santa?? Oh, you know he will be here for his vacation this summer too. You better be nice and not naughty, as he will be making his list while he is here. But in case you didn’t behave. Water Wars is following Santa and you will be soaked by Bob. Santa is giving a special list to him. After the weekend being soaked beware of the zombies! There to give you a frightful summer Halloween and countdown to the real Halloween. I hope y’all are excited the Haunted Forest is in countdown mode, wahoo!! Lastly… is the craziest weekend… Chocolate Lovers’ weekend. Bring yourself and come have fun on the slipping slide with 10 gallons of chocolate, yum!

Note from managers:

The summer has started very hot!! Please check you RV electric cord and make sure it is clear of debris. Keeping it clean and clear will help pedestal from getting hot and going bad. 

Also, we have seen a lot of new faces around the resort and this is AMAZING.  But kids under the age of 16 are not allow at the pool without an adult and Kids under 10 are not allowed in the hot tub

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