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Sycamore Lodge Resort, November 2021

Hello Lodge Campers,

Here’s a big shout out and HELLO to November!!
We say a heartfelt goodbye to October because it was all amazing, fantastic, crazy, scary, and fun! The resort campers went all out with the decorations! We hope everyone had a blast, especially the kiddos who received some yummy candy from the beautiful trick and treating throughout the resort. Even some animals had costumes! A big thank you to all our volunteers in the Haunted Forest. You have done it again with the Haunted Forest! Making screams coming true and raising money for the Fight against Lymphoma. The first weekend is a Thank you Thank you to YOU!!!! Now on to November!! Aho!!!

This month we are still going strong with events. We will honour our Veteran’s that served this great country of ours on Veteran’s Day. Next, we are gearing up for our “Big Thanksgiving Feast”, so get ready for yum-yum in your tum-tums, especially for all that turkey! Don’t forget to bring sides to our Thanksgiving event, which will be held out at the Pavilion. Lastly, we will end the month with the Lodge Decorating Weekend. Come on out and help put up the trees, lights, and decorations. Christmas music will be playing, and hot cocoa will be served. Oh, and a potluck will be happening y’all. Oh, Christmas tree …. Oh, Christmas tree……

Did someone ask for park updates!!!!

Cabins have a new makeup! With new coats of paints along the decks, porches, buildings, and fences, we also brought in some great new winter flowers that are so colourful! Also, excited to announce that the sewer is going in on 32 sites. That’s right! Sycamore is almost 100% connected. Please excuse the construction and follow the host to sites, especially if you’re not familiar with the roads to your site. And finally, please be patient while driving and remember the speed limit as the site is 5 miles per hour.

We cannot wait to see you!
Rod and Bobbie

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