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Wally World Riverside Resort
April Newsletter, 2023

Dear Wally World Campers,

Another wet month has come and gone. Now we have April showers that bring May flowers. 

In between the rain, the big brush pile from last year’s storm is almost gone. We have 4 trees that are scheduled to come down. This has been delayed due to that company being called out to for emergency storm damage clean up. Maybe next week. There are branches all over the park. Part is from a company coming in to cut back from the power lines and they have not made it back to chip all they have taken down.

There are a lot of places in the resort that are holding water due to last year’s sewer project settling. We are working on it. It’s almost impossible to move mud, and that is what we have. We need to dry out in order to get this done. Please be patient with us.

We are monitoring the weather to make the decision when to turn the water on. Right now we will start the process on Monday the 3rd of April and should be ready for use by the 7th.  Remember that turning the water on is a process. Campers are not permitted to hook up to water during the process. We have to go through the process of turning it on, disinfect, flush, sample and wait for results. Then send it to the EPA. If there are any leaks, those are repaired during the process. Again, please be patient. You can fill up at the side of the pavilion. The shower house is open.

Our trash removal has brought us in all nice, refurbished dumpsters. They look good and we will be painting inside the dumpster areas.

Update, we have contracted a company to replace the power that was taken out at the lower bathrooms and the 5 full hook up sites. We do not have a date for that to happen yet. Standby for an update.

Happy Camping!!!!

Barb McClintock

Resort Operations Manager

Wally World Riverside Resort

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