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Wally World Riverside Resort
August Newsletter, 2022

Hello Campers,

Can you believe it is August! Kids go back to school this month! Where has the time gone?

The good news is we have plenty of fun filled weekends yet to come. We are adding a wine & cheese night to the calendar. August 13th, bring a bottle of wine to enter and share and we will provide the cheese, snacks and music. This event is Adults only, you must be 21 to enter. We hope to have this event in the field this year if the weather is nice.

Member build will be Saturday September 10th, 10:00am – when the build is complete. This year’s project is a water feature in the front yard of the garden house. Come join the fun, you will receive a t-shirt and lunch. Our first member build was the garden house, I will share some then and now pictures.

A couple of reminders:

Speed limit is 5 mph. What’s the hurry? You’re camping!
Please slow down, there are children everywhere.

Most all sites are back in, if in doubt please ask.

All dogs must be always on a leash.

Let us all have a great rest of the summer!
Happy camping!

Safe travels,
Barb McClintock
Resort Operations Manager

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