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Wally World Riverside Resort
July Newsletter, 2023

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Hello Wally World campers,

Rowdy came to visit! We hope everyone had fun playing bingo and making your tie-dye t-shirt while meeting our new furry friend!

We have been busy with projects here at the resort. I have certainly seen comments on Facebook about how bad mini-golf is. As I said in last month’s newsletter we have started on mini golf, aware that it needs some love. The painting is complete. Most of the holes have been power washed and put back together. The others must have new 4x4s. It’s a process and never a good time to start a big project in the summer months.

Now let’s look at what was accomplished in June. The dog park fence has been stained, new fence on the inside. Gates repaired. A new fence was installed at the back of the resort that separates the resort from the canoe takeout.

We also had a member build. Thank you to the folks that showed up and helped construct the horizontal climbing wall. This past week we added boards to the top so the kids cannot climb over it and will have the lights up the first of the week. I hope the kids enjoy it.

Safe travel!

Barb McClintock

Resort Operations Manager

Wally World New Climbing Wall July 2023
Wally World Dog Park July 2023

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