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Wally World Riverside Resort, February 2022

Hello Wally World Campers,

Is time flying by for you all? I know it is for me. It will be camping season before we know it.

The sewer project is moving right along. It amazes me how quickly they are moving up the river. This time of the year is rather quiet on the resort but not this winter. We hear equipment starting early in the morning and most days they are here until 5 or 5:30.

I wanted to take this opportunity to post the increases for 2022.

Golf Carts: All golf carts must be registered at the front desk upon arrival. You must show proof of insurance and have a new TRA sticker each season displayed on your golf cart. Sticker for the season is $150.00 or $7.00 per day until you reach the $150.00 and then you will receive your sticker.

Honeywagon: Monday & Thursday $18.00 + tax and you must be signed up and paid by noon that day. Emergency Honeywagon is $30.00 + tax. Available 9-5 unless prior arrangement is made.

Storage Fee: All campers going into storage must fill out a storage agreement and get a sticker for their unit. $25 week /$65 month /$325 – 6 months / $600.00 year / Plus tax.

If you do not follow “Wally Road Scenic Byway “ on Facebook you should check it out. Beautiful pictures.

Please stay warm, stay safe.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Barb McClintock

Resort Operations Manager

Wally World Riverside Resort

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