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Wally World Riverside Resort
June Newsletter, 2024

Wally World Garden Shed May 2023

Hello Wally World Campers!

Happy June! The camping season is upon us, the grass is green and growing.

We have had a few staffing changes since April, Barb has retired, and our store lead Tonia has taken another opportunity, we also have a new Activity Director Skyla. Make sure to stop by activities to meet here. So please be kind and patient with the fresh staff!

Updates: The Pool and Mini Golf will be up and running this month! With uncooperative weather and unexpected repairs to the pool, we were not on schedule! Some things are just out of our control!

We are a small campground. Use the roads to travel around. Please do not drive through campsites. Help us keep it green.

Speed Limit is 5 MPH!! PLEASE SLOW DOWN!

Most importantly BE KIND. Be kind and courteous to your fellow campers and our staff.

Let us enjoy this camping season to its fullest.


See you soon and Happy Camping!

Crystal Moreland, Resort Operations Leader



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