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Wally World Riverside Resort, April 2022

Hello Wally World Campers,

Camping is back on for April 1st!

We hope to have the water on but, there are certainly no guarantees. We are getting up and running as soon as we can. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as just turning it on. We’re in the process of cleaning the system, pressure testing the lines, and then getting approval from the EPA. Once those steps are complete, then we will be able to supply our campers with water. When you come in for the first weekend of April, please check with the store and see where we are at in the process. If it is not quite on yet, you can always fill your camper at the side of the Pavilion.

The sewer project has been running behind due to all the rain, along with the delayed shipment of many necessary parts. The guys doing this job have worked many late nights trying to get caught up. As far as the resort goes, there is still a lot of work to be done before the ground settles. Some campsites will not be available until this work is complete. Please bear with us through this process and thank you for your patience.

The 5 full hookup sites we have, are not sewer sites at this moment since the sewer system is not currently running. Shower house is currently open. At some point, it will be down to get connected to the new sewer system, while our outer bathrooms will be closed until the sewer system is up as well.

We are certainly excited to get this season started!

Safe travels,

Barb McClintock

Resort Operations Manager


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